What is Minimalism? Minimalism is so much more than Tiny Houses and owning less stuff. It’s a practice of reducing distractions in life in order to refine our truths and priorities, guiding us towards values of connection, purpose, and meaning. Minimalism invites us to make space to tap into a more energizing and fulfilling life.

As a Minimalist, I am asked to inspect my habitual behaviors and question their value; to question if they truly bring a sense of deep contentment and joy, or if they feed the endless desire for “more”. Minimalism asks me to question the messages I’ve received from the culture at large about what our life, home, job, etc. “should” look like; to question if these cultural messages are leading us, our society, and our planet down a path of destruction or renewal.

More practically, here are just a few reasons why to practice Minimalism:

1. Less physical clutter and more spaciousness in your home.

2. Spend money according to your values vs. marketing messages.

4. Produce less waste: what’s healthy for the environment is healthy for you.

5. Less time and energy put towards acquiring stuff means more time an energy put towards what you value, such as time with friends, family, nature, volunteering, activism, etc.

6. Clearing physical clutter often leads to experiencing less mental clutter and more psychological/spiritual spaciousness, freeing you to direct your attention towards what you value most vs. thinking about your stuff that needs cleaning, tending, arranging, etc.

Are you interested in learning more about Minimalism? Check out these resources below:

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